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During construction and development of huge areas Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) is a must. We have extensive expertise in carrying out EIAs for public and private customers. EIAs lay the foundations for approval by authorities and include assessments of a project’s consequences to natural resources, the environment and its inhabitants. We use our broad expertise within the environmental and engineering sciences to assist customers achieve the most accurate environmental assessments. We carries out EIA for a wide range of projects within infrastructure, transportation, urban and industrial development, energy, oil industry and waste management.


• Environmental Mitigation/Monitoring/Planning
• Environmental Policy Development
• Environmental/Social Impact
• Field Studies/Ecology
• Project Feasibility, Siting, Planning
• Project Permitting /Program Management
• Regulatory Permitting/Negotiation
• Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

- a detailed project description, noting the sources and impact of environmental disturbance
- a full list of alternatives, including those rejected, and a detailed examination of those under serious consideration
- a description of the project environment: fauna, flora, air, soil, water, existing uses, landscape or cultural heritage, etc
- a detailed estimate of the nature and scope of all environmental impacts, including temporary, permanent, local and regional
- proposed mitigation measures
- a non-technical summary of the project and its likely impact.
- a list of potential problem areas, or unknown factors, with suggestions for further research

In addition to undertaking the technical aspects of an EIA, we offer a management service for the authorisation process throughout the procedure required. We maintain contacts with the appropriate authorities on behalf of our clients.