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Facility Management

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Facilities Management is in a stewardship role for the largest capital asset on property - it’s buildings, grounds and supporting infrastructure. Our team understands and embraces this responsibility. The Sicurcantieri team takes pride in providing high quality service to meet the requirements of clients. Sicurcantieri provides a wide range of consultancy services related to building operations, maintenance, repair, landscaping and custodial services for building facilities and grounds. Staff provides construction and renovation project support, and manage the tenantoccupied spaces. Sicurcantieri strives to create and maintain an appealing building environment that contributes to attracting and retaining tenants and visitors. We also strive to interweave
sustainable practices as we provide our services.

We provide the following services:

  • Coordination Tenants
  • Control room design
  • Management Facility
  • Design Facility
  • Maintenance management
  • Risk assessment for the venue
  • Evacuation plan
  • Fire safety management
  • Fire drill and emergency evacuation procedure
  • Cleaning management services: cleaning of interior, facades cleaning
  • Training staff and supervision during cleaning facades
  • Supply kit for cleaning facades